The global economic downturn has seen a dramatic change in the property market. Through these difficult times we have also seen some of the most attractive investment opportunities for many years.

Distressed property and Below Market Value (BMV) properties are widely available, especially in Spain and the USA. This has seen some prices fall to ten year lows, yet bank funding remains difficult and this has caused rental demand to soar, which in turn means we are seeing some of the healthiest return on investment (ROI) for years.

Many investment property projects in Brazil and the USA are also becoming increasingly popular because of government funding. This also makes these markets a uniquely safe and easy way to invest your money. Along with some of the more traditional investment opportunities such as off plan purchasing, there has never been a better time to invest in property. Through our extensive network of associates and colleagues we have some of the best investment opportunities available for you to consider.

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Current Opportunities


Akbuk, Turkey

8% Rental Return

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